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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

It's The End Of The World As We Know It
      Description: Politics, philosophy, the law, current events, left leaning debates, religion, baseball, football, pop culture, growing up Greek, random events
      Language: English
      Tags: politics, sports, Law
My Secret Fantasies about Sex, Love, Rock & Roll and the magical Human Aura
      Description: Sex, Love, Rock & Roll and the magical Human Aura, Maybe true, Maybe not....
      Language: English
      Tags: music, love, sex, fantasy, psyche, sexy, lifestyle, sexual, psychic, sensual, kinky, aura, fantasies, secret, mysecretfantasy
Dylan Greene dot com
      Description: Dylan Greene dot com
      Language: English
      Tags: music, computers, news, television, monkeys
      Description: Weblog of a Systems Administrator at the University of Northern Iowa
      Language: English
      Tags: technology, IT, education, iowa
As in Words... So in Music -- Jennifer Avalon's Blog
      Description: Singer/songwriter Jennifer Avalon's music, essays, & more, for FREE!
      Language: English
      Tags: christian, essays