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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

ready4 stocks
      Description: a brand new look on the market
      Language: french
      Tags: stocks, trading, exchange, euronext, shares
The Transplanted Texan
      Description: A webjournal of ideas and comment from an American at University of Toronto
      Language: English
      Tags: opinion, literature, politics, American, Canada, student
Day Trading News
      Description: Essential market news as it happens for all day traders of stocks, forex and commodities
      Language: English
      Tags: forex, day, stocks, trading, futures, commodities, equities
      Description: erotic news, curiosities, pictures, writing
      Language: English
      Tags: erotic, sexual, adult
Les perles du chat
      Description: LES PERLES DU CHAT est destiné à décrire la vie parfois mouvementée du salon 'sexo' du chat de Doctissimo.
      Language: French
      Tags: chat, tchat, doctissimo, perles