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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

Big Fat Cheeseburger
      Description: Random thoughts & memoirs of a regular guy....
      Language: English
      Tags: food, california, beer, beach, party, Newport, northwood, ridley
      Description: Poesia dia a dia
      Language: Portuguese
      Tags: water, melon
      Description: A call girl's personal diary
      Language: English
      Tags: bdsm, escort, prostitution
Follow the Signs
      Description: things to learn before you buy signs, stories of my signmaking career around the world.
      Language: English
      Tags: Computer, design, layout, colour, signs, vinyl, wood, traditional, signpainting, gilding, carved
the rompe blog
      Description: Thoughts of a geek, in German and Broken English
      Language: English, German
      Tags: computers, linux, german, geek, php, deutsch, rompe, ulf, hannover, gimp, mietling, drupal, LaTeX