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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

Mariner Optimist
      Description: An Optimist's Look at the Seattle Mariners with occasional Rice Owls sports
      Language: English
      Tags: seattle, sports, baseball, league, major, mariners, mariner, ichiro, West, owls, autry, rice, horton, corey
uber eric
      Description: Gay musings on style, art, music, Modernism, self, others
      Language: English
      Tags: music, art, gay, fashion, architecture, style, 30s
Financial Auditing
      Description: Prepared in accordance with generally accepted reality
      Language: English
      Tags: financial, auditing, sec, pcaob, fasb
      Description: Career Guidance and Helpful Tips and Links
      Language: english
      Tags: jobs, careers, resumes
Its Almost Supernatural
      Description: To detail just how biased the South African press has become against Israel. It is my intention to alert those South Africans to whom justice is important about this bias. SA is becoming a Democracy of Hypocrisy
      Language: English
      Tags: israel, democracy, justice