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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

Historic Pelham
      Description: This daily Blog presents the rich history of Pelham, NY.
      Language: English
      Tags: history, westchester, Pelham
      Description: A regular citizenís blog for his thinking about the world we are living in
      Language: Spanish
      Tags: Barcelona, president, labor, parties, deception, socialist, referendum, politicians, parlament, catalonian, fees, masquerade
      Description: lil site that we have created in order to refresh the world with our powerful insight and extremely stupid ramblings....
      Language: English
      Tags: television, musings, ADHD, Melissa, patty, thingamobobs
The Resident Curmudgeon
      Description: navigating the sea of life without a compass
      Language: english
      Tags: humor, opinion, quotations
Belynda, semplicemente io
      Description: Only me and my life
      Language: italian
      Tags: blog, poetry, thoughts, friends, optimism, curiosity, sentimental