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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

The AndyG Journal
      Description: The Andy G Journal is my faith in action adventure
      Language: English
      Tags: andy, andrew, guilder, loughborough, exmouth, brixinton, bigfattoothbrush, elevate, bft, andyg
The Medicaster - Medicine that Quacks
      Description: Sharing the pain, the humor and the pleasure of modern medicine
      Language: English
      Tags: humor, health, Medicine, human, research, Doctor, physician, medicaster, quacks
Stowarzyszenie Magiczne Wrota
      Description: Magic blog
      Language: Polish
      Tags: thoughts, Finland, austria, europe, quotes
Enchanted Ewe
      Description: Where the magic of knitting and spinning dwells
      Language: English
      Tags: knitting, pets, crafts, sewing, spinning
Tara's Trysts
      Description: The no holds barred and explicit account of the daily life of Tara Tainton, erotica author, webmistress, advocate of sexual freedom, and experientiallist, with an emphasis on writing and reading without holding back
      Language: English
      Tags: literature, art, journal, diary, sex, writing, female, woman, artist, grrl, write, writer, sexy, feminist, feminism, erotic, rights, free, erotica, publish, author, Reader, read, story, equal