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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

      Description: Nokia Cell Phone purchase, news and articles. Come back !
      Language: english
      Tags: nokia
      Description: Kommentare zu Sport, Politik und allgemeinem Weltgeschehen. Also eigentlich zu allem Auerdem Alltagsgeschichten und mehr.
      Language: German/Deutsch
      Tags: internet, politics, Computer, sports, stories
Hopeless Shenanigans
      Description: It's my blog people..
      Language: English
      Tags: blog, journal, komal, sideslash
Oh Metro
      Description: About the travails of those unfortunate users of the Washington DC area Metro system
      Language: English
      Tags: subway, transportation, metro
Don't Mention the Skiing
      Description: A British career woman living in Switzerland without her career and trying not to go crazy.
      Language: English
      Tags: humour, expat, women, switzerland