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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

Who's Your Rabbi?
      Description: A Jewish themed blog with offbeat thoughts & observations about Israel, Jews, Judaism, Hebrew and all things Jewish.
      Language: English
      Tags: israel, Jewish, Jew, hebrew, hip, heeb, yid
Lost in Moscow
      Description: A look at Moscow through the eyes of a dangling spouse
      Language: English
      Tags: vodka, expat, russia, putin, moscow, broomball
Soumo's World
      Description: Hello and welcome to my world - 'The World of Soumo: man about town'.
      Language: English
      Tags: london, man, town, about, Soumo
Never a frown.
      Description: Trying to get things straight in my head, but arent we all?
      Language: English, sometimes spanglish
      Tags: blog, life, girl, confused, philosophy, teen, questions
      Description: poemas, versos, y más
      Language: español
      Tags: poetry, poemas, versos