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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

      Description: A life between Paris and Shanghai. Weblinks about Fashion, design news, web art.
      Language: French, English, Chinese
      Tags: geography, photos, graphic, Chinese, China, Jia, Shanghai, gabriel, jorby, chinois
The Desktop Detective; Random Ruminations of an Anti-Social Personality
      Description: True crime, political commentary and other ramblings
      Language: English
      Tags: opinion, politics, commentary, Crime, Law, statistics, murder, zombie, Carmelite, Serial, katrina, duncan, unsolved, pandaconspiracy, predator, groene, ballout, Jablonowski
      Description: A Pictures Tells A Thousand Words
      Language: English
      Tags: pictures, life, photos, sex, photoblog, Canada, europe, pics, philippines, memento
Chard Remains - Richard Galli Web Log
      Description: Unconventional Commentary and Humor
      Language: English
      Tags: humor, politics, religion, writing, commentary, war
A Day in the Life o R.A.T.
      Description: My life at home, work, and play
      Language: English
      Tags: fun, entertainment